Perception Warfare

Customers base their purchase decisions on their perception of reality and not reality itself. A product that is perceived to be of better quality, will then be of better quality - at least in their minds, where purchase decisions are made. 




  1. 1
    You’ll get a proper brand strategy

    Most brand consultancies will help you design a visual identity for your company, they’ll refer to it as “your brand” and then give you visual identity guidelines (also known as brand identity guidelines or just brand guidelines). They will then leave you too it; find print design agencies, web design agencies and so on…

    What they don’t do is develop a proper brand strategy which affects all aspects of you company – after all you can build a brand without having a visual identity. Just think Nelson Mandela, a global brand – without a brand book in sight – just steadfast principles and a path less traveled.

    There’s more then one way to build a brand.


  2. 2
    I only work with the best-of-the-best people

    I don’t have full time employees who needs to “learn on the job”, instead I only work with hand picked professionals with the right experience and and knowledge for your project.

    I’m here to make sure you make the right brand building deceptions and get the best-of-the-best to design your brand touchpoints (logo, identity, website…).

  3. 3
    You’ll get the best value for money

    Without full-time employees and  a fancy office in a prime location, I can keep my overhead down – a win-win for the both of us.

  4. 4
    Your brand comes first

    If you ask a brand consultancy to help you build your brand their “recommendation” will be a new visual identity. If you ask an advertising agency they will say you need a new ad campaign. It doesn’t matter who you ask, they will all try to sell you the skills of the people sitting in their offices twiddling their thumbs. 

    I will ensure you only invest where it’s needed – in order to build your brand.

  5. 5
    I’m very flexible

    No brand is created equal and all companies have different resources and priorities. So why should you all be expected to follow the creative agency’s pace? I’m happy for you to start-stop, change your mind and start again. Your needs come first – I’m just here to help.